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13 August 2014

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the NHP NTU training program, it's a great time to take it up with so much content now available at your fingertips!

The latest MCBs and RCDs NTU module looks at how to select a Miniature Circuit Breaker and Residual Current Device step by step for any given application. We seek to answer these questions:
• What is an MCB, RCD and RCBO?
• Types of MCBs, RCDs and RCBOs
• Where are MCB, RCD and RCBOs used?
• Where can I access the relevant selection guide?

Other NHP NTU modules now available include:
· Machine Safety Control Systems
· Motor Starters and Controllers
· Fundamentals of Electricity
· Fundamentals of Electrical Equipment
· Enclosures
· Relays
· Pushbuttons
· Variable Speed Devices
· Hazardous Area Equipment
· Panelboards and Loadcentres
· Contactors and Overloads
· Understanding the NHP catalogues
· NHP Smartphone Apps – Tradie Tools on the Go!

To find out more and to register, click here!

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