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13 August 2014

Complementing the highly popular DIN-SAFE long body RCBOs (DSRCBH series), NHP are pleased to announce an expanded offering, which now also includes D curve trip characteristic and 100mA RCD sensitivity options.

Common features of the DSRCBH series include its compliance to AS/NZS 61009, single module width of 18mm, 10kA short circuit breaking capacity in C curve, Type ‘A’ RCD with 10mA or 30mA trip sensitivity and neutral and earth (PE) flying leads, perfect for installation in NHP’s Concept Panelboards.

The D curve trip characteristic complements these existing features and is suitable for high inrush current loads whilst 100mA RCD sensitivity is suitable for installation/equipment protection purposes where 30mA sensitivity is not required.

This expanded range means that NHP can offer customers both D curve and/or 100mA options to suit their varied application requirements. For more information on the NHP DIN-SAFE range click on the brochure below.

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