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14 July 2014

Offering some of the highest technical specifications in the market, TER from NHP promises to offer a pendant control station to suit your varied application needs.

With that in mind, NHP are proud to introduce the Mike pendant station range from TER which serves as the perfect complement to the existing Charlie range of ergonomic, hand-held pendants.

The Mike pendant stations are ideal for control of several machines using one central pendant. Coming in sizes of 4, 8, 12 or 14 buttons, they are capable of incorporating all of your standard and auxiliary commands such as Slew Left/Right, Hoist Up/Down and many more. For each button there is a comprehensive range of easily interchangeable operator symbol inserts and label/symbol sheets available to describe every combination of functionality required. Recessed positioning and industry standard labels ensures grime, heat and water will not remove your operator identification.

To complement the introduction of the MIKE pendant, NHP has a newly released ‘Pendant Control Stations Easy Selection Guide’ as seen below. The ordering process has been streamlined to allow a choice between pre-assembled pendants in standard configurations or step-by-step design of custom pendants to meet specific requirements. All technical detail, from contact arrangement truth tables to exploded component diagrams, is contained in this one simple guide.

For a reliable and efficient method for the auxiliary control of lifting elevators, hoists, conveyors, and many other industrial lifting and motion applications, the Mike range of pendant stations ensures minimum machine downtime and most importantly, peace of mind.

Pendant Control Stations

Easy Selection Guide.


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