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19 February 2014

Safety Advisory - Explanation of KD switch defect           

NHP-KDA-432 and KDM-432 Isolators for PV installations

Switch Defect
The purpose of this Product Safety Advisory is to inform you of a non-conformance with a batch of KD switches that results in the situation whereby the switch handle position may not be indicative of the contact position, i.e. the switch may show that power is “OFF” but the contacts are closed in the “ON” position, or vice versa. This behaviour is evident at high ambient temperatures and has always been detected during the course of installation, testing or commissioning.   

The identified condition poses a safety hazard that could result in electric shock.

Identification of

 NHP have identified a batch of product that contains a component that has been fabricated from the incorrect material.  Only those items within the affected batch are suspect, specifically:

  • All serial numbers from X2013 through to X3813, whereby the “X” can be any number between 1 and 5.

The serial number is printed on the box and on the base as identified below, noting that the box uses a 4 digit code (no “X” prefix) and the switch base uses a 5 digit code (including the “X” prefix).

Any product that does not fall within this band is not affected by the anomaly.

See below attachments for more information:





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