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18 March 2013

For machine builders and end users who are looking for flexibility, personalisation, greater I/O performance and space-saving solutions, the all-new expandable Rockwell Automation Micro850 controller from NHP is just the right solution.

Designed with embedded motion capabilities, Ethernet/IPTM (server mode only) communication for Connected Components WorkbenchTM software programming, RTU applications and HMI connectivity, the Micro850 PLC also brings the Micro800 Family of PLCs to a higher level of flexibility and customisation with its space-saving Plug-in, Expansion I/O modules and its removable terminal blocks.

Furthermore, the Micro850 controller is equipped with the same form factor, Plug-in support, instruction/data size and embedded motion capabilities as the Micro830 24-pt and 48-pt controller. The embedded motion capabilities supports up to 3 axes of motion with TouchProbe instruction that registers position of an axis, more precisely than using interrupts. Specifically designed for larger standalone machine applications, the Micro850 Expansion I/O module value adds to achieving higher density, higher precision analog and digital I/O as required. The Micro850 48-pt controller has the capacity to support up to 4 Expansion I/O modules at a maximum of 132 I/O points.

If you would like more information on the Micro 850 product range, contact your local NHP Sales Representative.

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