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8 August 2012

It is with great excitement that NHP can announce the release of one of its latest products for the power distribution market: The Grizz-Bar Isolation Chassis!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, this isolation chassis has been designed to meet  the needs of data centres, hospitals and any other application that requires maximum “up time” from its power distribution system.

The new isolation Grizz-Bar Chassis from NHP combines quality and unique features to raise the standard for busbar chassis systems. Some of these features include:

  • Super strong design! High short circuit current withstand ratings unmatched by any other isolation chassis on the market today!
  • Superior temperature rise ratings! The Grizz-Bar has a genuine 250A rating, tested to AS/NZS 3439.1:2002. The Grizz-Bar runs cooler!
  • All main busbars are fully encapsulated including the neutral bar.
  • The neutral bar can be isolated and is fully rated!
  • The Grizz Bar can be fitted with a captive padlock accessory to tag out individual circuits.
  • The NHP Grizz-Bar has identical dimensions to the CD and NC chassis and with its comparable Icw and temperature rise ratings it is a direct replacement.
  • The unique multi pole attachment bar can convert a single switch toggle into a 2P, 3P or 4P toggle, ensuring multi-phase circuits cannot accidentally have one pole switched!
  • The Grizz-Bar chassis is available as a single end feed or a universal feed for total flexibility!
  • Suitable for use with standard NHP Din-T 6, Din-T 10 MCBs, RCDs, RCBOs and accessories such as Din-T Shunt trips, UVTs, alarms and auxiliary switches

If you’re after the benchmark in miniature circuit breaker chassis design, the choice is simple. Choose Grizz-Bar from NHP.

If you would like any further information regarding NHP Grizz Bar, simply contact your local NHP Sales Representative.

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