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1 August 2012

What causes you a sleepless night? What makes you work long hours? What stops production?

An Installed Base Evaluation (IBE) from NHP can help you avoid all of these things by illustrating your inventory lifecycle and providing you with an analysis to mitigate plant unpredictably.

Recommendations for spares inventory is then made on the ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ data. Any hardware migration is suggested based on the current lifecycle status and training on new technologies can be made on the back of the IBE lifecycle assessment.

On average as much as 63% of spare parts may not be aligned with your plant or obsolete. After the Installed Base Evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive analysis that identifies product locations and a list of critical, excess, and insufficient spares. This detailed information can help you make an informed decision about managing MRO inventory levels, procedures, and costs without sacrificing downtime. An Installed Base Evaluation from NHP provides a complete analysis of your installed based storeroom inventory to better match critical spares for your production and maintenance needs.

So sleep well at night, work less hours and increase productivity by undertaking an Installed Base Evaluation from NHP today.

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