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1 August 2012

NHP are pleased to announce an exciting new addition to the AuCom EMX3 advanced soft starter range, the EMX3-0255B. Featuring a compact space saving design, the EMX3-0255B boasts internal bypass, meaning easy installation into new or retrofit cabinets and with the two-fold benefit of minimal heat dissipation and reduced panel space requirements, means lower installation cost and time.

With user friendly features such as a standard removable LCD keypad with plain English display, removable terminal blocks, quick set-up menu and assignable text, the AuCom EMX3 sets itself apart from rival products to form a market leader in soft starter technology. In addition, the side-by-side mounting, local control push-buttons, communication options and expandability, give the AuCom EMX3 a strong technical advantage.

The complete AuCom EMX3 range covers motor applications up to 900 kW (3 wire) and 1500 kW (6 wire) at 415 V AC and internal bypass is standard on models up to 1000 A (nominal). The AuCom EMX3 is also available in a 690 V AC variant making it ideal for mining applications.

With the added option of an enclosed solution and 24V AC/DC control variation (available for both 415 & 690 V AC models) to enhance installation flexibility, you can also be assured of peace of mind thanks to NHP’s Australia-wide technical support service.

Choose the best. Choose an AuCom EMX3 from NHP.

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