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29 May 2012

NHP and Cosmotec are proud to introduce the new range of Kryos² filter fans that offer a simple and cost effective solution for enclosure cooling applications.

Ideal for applications where the maximum ambient temperature is less than the required internal enclosure temperature, the Kryos² filter fans cover an air flow rate range of 35m³/hr to 990 m³/hr - each complete with an IP54 rating.

This new generation of filter fans boast a compact design,  clip-in grill & filter feature and screwless terminations that allows quick and easy installation. The new range of Kryos² also achieves  improved sealing between the cabinet and external environment with the added option of additional filters to increase the units protection degree to IP55.

With the versatility to reverse the flow direction from pull to push by simply reversing the orientation of the fan, the new Kryos² offering provide a level of flexibility that is sure to satisfy your application requirements.

The entire Kryos² range complies with all applicable standards and approvals plus being compatible with the old generation  Kryos GKF/V cutouts.

For more information on the Kryos² range simply contact your local Sales Representative or visit our Grills & Filters page.

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