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1 May 2012

Daydream Island (DDI) is one of seven islands of the Molle Group (a sub-group of the Whitsunday Islands in Queensland, Australia) that measures at just 1km in length and 400m at its widest point. It is considered to be a mecca for sailing enthusiasts as well as those that prefer the view from under the water with exotic sea life from the Great Barrier Reef in the surrounding waters. It was also recently the job site for NHP Service Technician, Andrew White who, working with local contractor Chaffey Power, was able to engineer a solution highlighting NHP’s ‘round-the-clock’ service promise.

Following a synchronisation fault that occurred in a generator on the island last year, the job, initiated by Chaffey Power, called for NHP to assist in converting an Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) from an AT model to an advanced AR MK3 model. Detailed scoping between Steve Whitehead from Chaffey Power (Mackay), DDI management and NHP helped form a solution that required several products including an ATO to AR220 conversion kit and a new AR220 3-pole ACB and carriage which was to replace the older model.

Due to NHP’s ability to provide the desired products from our local Rockhampton Branch, plans to carry out the job were able to proceed without delay which proved to be ever valuable in meeting the project deadline.

“Given the tight timeframe we had to work with and the location, we went armed to the teeth with everything we thought we might need. Once we started we knew it would not be possible to go back to the older circuit breaker, and power had to be back on in five hours. Andrew White’s product knowledge and experience was excellent and together with myself and Tony Whitehead from Chaffey Power this was able to be achieved”, offered Steve Whitehead from Chaffey Power.   

With the largest product management, technical and engineering support and sales team in the Australasian electrical industry, it is NHP’s focus to provide a quality service model. A ’24 x 7 x 365’ service promise is central to this offering and this was put to the test at the DDI project when the upgrade was given a one day completion deadline and just the day before work was scheduled to start, weather warnings threw plans into a spin!

“Weather reports confirmed that there was a cyclone on the way overnight and with the contractor set to come across on the 1am barge from the mainland, it took until the morning before anyone knew if the job was going to go ahead or not”, said Andrew who flew into DDI the day prior to the scheduled start time.

“But we were determined to get the job done and at 4am we received an SMS from the contractor sayingthat he had made it. We then started work on site at 6am and were finished before 5pm working in over 30°Celsius and high humidity conditions”.

The successful strip-out, install, convert and test were testament to the joint efforts of Chaffey Power, the team at DDI and NHP. The diligent scoping, correct product selection and determined execution of the project were key factors in the successful completion and Steve Whitehead from Chaffey Power in Mackay was very pleased with the support he received from NHP.

“It was a great team effort and although there were a couple of little hiccups in lining everything up we were able to engineer a solution quickly and everything went smoothly. When Chaffey Power has more of these to do we will look forward to working with NHP on them”.

TemPower 2 Air Circuit Breaker

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