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29 March 2012

With Industrial Ethernet protocols featuring on many plant floors and the growing ease of installation and flexibility of wireless, Radio technology is fast becoming a critical part of our everyday life. Wireless technology in automation systems is mainly used for communicating with systems and equipment located in remote locations and in situations where a traditional communication cable is not a viable option.

With this in mind, the Prosoft RadioLinx range brought to market by NHP is a high-quality, industrially rugged offering that provides wireless communications solutions for a range of applications. An excellent alternative to long cable runs, this cutting-edge wireless range eliminates the cost of trenching and/or installing long runs of communications cable - which often far exceeds the cost of wireless hardware suited to the same task.

At a technical level, the wireless capability of the RadioLinx range also offers a far more serviceable solution compared to other traditional methods of communications. Take, for example, an instance where a cable failure has occurred between two physical locations. In such instances, locating and rectifying the problem can be time consuming and expensive. With wireless, the hardware is readily accessible, and less exposed to damage as there is nothing installed between the two locations to fail.

In machine applications, wireless can provide a means to avoid the problems associated with connecting moving intelligent devices to control systems. A common application is rotating machinery using slip rings. While slip rings are excellent for power transmission,

when they are used for high speed communications (such as industrial Ethernet protocols), noise becomes a significant problem, resulting in reduced performance and machine downtime. The wireless nature of the RadioLinx range from Prosoft is far less prone to noise than copper cabling installed using cable carriers, and hence offers a far more effective application solution.

Remote access is another key advantage of wireless technologies. In some cases, physically accessing the controller (PLC) or touchscreen (HMI) in an application can be time consuming or inconvenient. With the capability to communicate with PLCs over local Wi-Fi, the RadioLinx range from Prosoft is the ultimate in telemetry application solutions including frequency hopping, industrial hotspot radios, intelligent cellular modems and more.

Complemented by NHP’s extended range that includes all necessary components for complete wireless solutions, NHP can also offer site evaluations with live demonstration hardware, to ensure you have 100% peace of mind at the point of order that the solution offered will deliver on expectation.

NHP’s Radio Quick Selection Guide makes hardware selection for your application straight forward, and offers more detail on the features and benefits of this product range. If you have a radio application or are interested in wireless communications, please click here and download a copy, or alternatively contact your local NHP Representative.

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