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6 March 2012

For any industrial application, the safety of employees and the general population is of major importance. NHP has a long history in the safety industry and can be a trusted destination for all your safety application needs.

Keeping up with relevant industry standards is a major part of this offering. AS4024.1-2006 continues to be the standard of choice for many machinery safety applications in Australia, however, recent changes in European Standards with the enforcement of the new Machinery Directive, 2006/42/EC (December, 2009) will enable machinery builders and System Integrators to include better diagnostic coverage, higher reliability and more functional safety into their solutions.

The standards EN ISO 13849-1 and AS 62061 both founded on the concept of reliable functional safety are better aligned to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and NHP are able to provide a product range and that reflects this, NHP’s safety team can also assist with technical solutions and advice throughout all stages of the machinery safety lifecycle. As Standards Australia continue to develop AS4024.1-2006 (it is made up of 26 EU Standards) in due course EN ISO 13849 -1/2 could be adopted to replace chapters 1501(Design)  & 1502 (Validation)

NHP offer a large variety of quality products that meet all relevant international standards, with products ranging from simple emergency stop switches, to light curtains, safety monitoring relays all the way up to fully integrated safety PLC systems. Our product range extends further into SIL3 rated Safety Critical Shutdown systems.

NHP are specialists in safety products for the workplace, and cover a broad spectrum of industry applications. To complement this, seminars and training sessions for all of our customers are available and can offer safety services including assistance with Risk Assessment, Safety Design and Validations using all the up-to-date standards and current state of knowledge.

Our services and products are supported by a team of qualified Engineers, Electricians and technical assistants to help with any enquiry. Whether it may be an enquiry on choosing or comparing a product, or ideas on installing or wiring a product, the NHP team is here to help.


  • Rinto, 4 October 2012

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