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29 March 2012

Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCBs) are critical in the protection against the hazards of earth leakage. When it comes to this potential danger, the Terasaki ZS ELCB from NHP is the ultimate safeguard for your application needs.

Prior to this ground breaking product’s availability in the Australian market, ELCBs had only been offered as a combination, meaning the circuit breaker was mechanically and electrically coupled to an Earth Leakage module.

Where the Terasaki ZS differs from this is through the Earth Leakage function becoming an integrated feature of the device, based on the TemBreak 2 MCCB range also from Terasaki. The ZS ELCB is the first integral ELCB which complies with AS/NZS 60947.2 and IEC 60947.2, Annex B Circuit Breakers incorporating Residual Current Protection.

With the ZS ELCB, switchboard manufacturers can use standard MCCB assemblies for dimensions and mounting and no ampere de-rating is necessary. Reduced electrical and mechanical connection complexity ensures a higher reliability and lifespan, while the common dimensions of the unit means it is easy to replace standard Terasaki MCCBs with ZS ELCBs.

The ZS ELCB delivers innovative protection from earth leakage, overloads, and short circuits in a package for switchboard manufacturers and end-users that when compared to other comparable solutions offers convenience and cost saving, ideal for the mining industry, heavy industry, and commercial building use.



  • Team NHP, 14 May 2013

    Hi Wayan,

    The dimensions are in our catalogue "CPB Price List Pocket Book" Section 3 and also the "Part B Catalogue" Section 5.

    The exact dimensions question is a little general as there are different ZS models.

    Be sure to let us know how you go. If you need a quote for a particular product, be sure to hit up our customer service team via the contact us page!

  • wayan, 13 May 2013

    Hi there, what are the dimensions of ZS ELCB?

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