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28 November 2011

SmartGuard 600 Demonstration Box and Start-up DVD

NHP have now created a set of SmartGuard 600 demonstration boxes, each box contains a fully functional EtherNet/IP SmartGuard 600 with Point Guard I/O. These boxes can be used as a proof of concept for the programming capabilities of the SmartGuard and the safety communications over DeviceNet.

To get hold of a demonstration box contact your local NHP Safety Specialist.

For new customers of the SmartGuard 600, NHP has created a start-up DVD. This DVD includes all of the software needed to program current models of the SmartGuard. The DVD is designed to be used in conjunction with the demonstration box, and contains a lab specifically for it.

With all the above tools, many of the hassles of updating a safety system can be avoided.



Next Generation - Safety Relays

The new generation of Safety Relays from Rockwell Automation is here. The Guardmaster GSR series is designed to service the broad range of safety applications with just a handful of devices. A single GSR model can be used for monitoring mechanical interlocks, light curtains, safety mats, E-Stops, SensaGuards in one channel or two channel configuration, using the universal input. Dual channel inputs help reduce wiring for commissioning.

The single-wire safety connection allows for the linking of multiple units, enabling the ability to add and/or gate logic into your safety systems. This can be used for expansion of your system or even zone control.

These Safety Relays are suitable for applications up to Cat 4, PL e per ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 per EN/IEC 62061.


  • Alistair Keenan, 6 March 2012

    These relays really are a step in the right direction! They fit neatly into the gap between standards relays and more complex programmable relay systems. The major advantages are that they are able to take all common safety input devices including Safety Mats (unique in this market sector) and they can perform basic boolean logic between 2 inputs (n the DI model) and between relays connected in series or cascade - this gives simple, reliable and effrective safety zone control without the need to have complex wiring, programs or a software licence!

  • Kimberley, 28 February 2012

    Your perspective on selling safety is one of the more relevant articles I've read in the more than 20 years I've been involved with Safety. The bottom line, Safety makes great business sense. The ability of safety professionals to involve operations in the planning and implementing any safety initiative will pay dividends as well. When new HR initiatives are created around leadership and management training, safety professionals should be part of those discussions. Once safety becomes a thread running through all business processes, the selling becomes easier because it becomes part of every conversation. Safety should never become one of those 'what about' questions. Conceptually, easy to understand; well-written, and most importantly, it makes perfect sense.

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