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15 August 2011

To further complement the NHP Energy Management offering, NHP are pleased to introduce the latest Carlo Gavazzi Energy Meters – the WM30 and WM40 along with their respective range of optional add-on modules.

One major feature of the range is the modular communications options, including; BACnet IP, MODBUS TCP/IP, MODBUS-RTU and iFIX SCADA. The BACnet and MODBUS options are also available with or without onboard memory.

With the large LCD display that can be user configured, all of the most critical parameters are available at a glance. Combined with the touchpad, navigation through the comprehensive parameter list including energy, currents, voltages, frequency, power, power factor and harmonic analysis is taken to a new level of user friendliness.

Complete with Class 0.5 (kWh accuracy, phase asymmetry measurement, temperature input and harmonic analysis up to 32nd harmonics, these new Energy Meters can also be easily integrated into Carlo Gavazzi’s ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ trending and analysis Software – PowerSoft.

 For further information on the Carlo Gavazzi WM30 and WM40 Energy Meters, please contact your local NHP Sales Representative on 1300 NHP NHP (AUS) or 0800 NHP NHP (NZ).

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