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8 August 2011

NHP are proud to release their new range of Schaffner Sinusoidal FN5040/45 Output Filters which ensure cooler and more reliable drives.

As well as offering the capacity to prevent premature failures and expensive downtimes, this latest Schaffner offering from NHP is precisely matched to the technical requirements of modern drive systems reducing the extra losses experienced in AC motors.

The new sinusoidal output filters smooth the modulated output voltage of modern drives and provide the motor with a clean sinusoidal voltage with low residual ripple, in turn preventing premature ageing and destruction of the AC motor.

The Sinusoidal FN5040/45 Output Filters are available in a compact open frame design (FN5040) or as a user-friendly packaged version (FN5045 - IP20) – both of which are perfectly suited to commercial applications. Both models are designed for rated currents of 4.5 to 1200 A and for networks up to 3x 500 VAC (+/- 10%), and the cable-shield support brackets that are integrated into the housing, ensure savings on installation time and costs.

As the international leader in the fields of electromagnetic compatibility and power quality, Schaffner’s new range of filters strengthens NHP’s already market leading offering in the Power Quality industry sector.

For further information on the new range of Schaffner filters, please contact your local NHP representative on 1300 NHP NHP.

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