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2 May 2011

Courtesy of a comprehensive sustainability upgrade to the prominent high rise building 385 Bourke Street located on an iconic corner in Melbourne’s CBD, the city can now boast an even greener future. The landmark project also marked the first delivery of an Ecoview Energy Monitoring and Control System partnering with NHP and Rockwell Automation in a commercial building project – importantly ahead of deadline and on budget.

The building owners, Commonwealth Property Office Fund (CPA), together with property owners, design consultants, project managers and Sustainability Victoria, combined to produce a detailed scope and process for improving building sustainability. The project has been planned to be completed in two stages and with ‘Stage One’ already complete, vast sustainability improvements are already being felt throughout the building. 

Stage One developments focused on delivering improved energy efficiency and achieving an improved National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) rating with major initiatives including: an upgrade of the building’s automation system, rationalism of the building control strategies, energy metering of the chilled water system, replacement of existing fan motors with high efficiency motors, implementation of active air-quality measurements, review of after-hours operation, and greater after hours zone control.

A major element of the project, and where Ecoview and NHP were able to provide a tailored solution ideal for the energy efficient application that was desired, was in the measurement of 3-phase voltage (kwH). For this, NHP supplied IME Energy Meters (Nemo 72 and 96 models), as well as an intricately designed PLC system that involved Rockwell Automation’s Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1100 PLC’s as well as CompactLogix processors and industrial Ethernet switching gear.

“We started work here about 18 months ago with only a concept and expectation in our minds and it’s great to see it all come into effect”, said Rodney Hudson, Project Manager for Ecoview.

“A lot of the work we did here was performed during night shifts as we couldn’t cut off the power supply to the building during the day. This meant that we often encountered problems that our engineers at Ecoview needed to be resolved outside of typical working hours and it was great to know that we had the support, services and resources of the NHP business . No matter what the hour or the problem, we could call NHP and they’d be there”, he continued.

Throughout the construction process, CPA’s focus has been to ensure the building remains a leading commercial tower, with stable financial returns. The improvements of carbon emission reductions, as well as reduced maintenance costs, extended life expectancy and enhanced management of the property through improved system feedback mechanisms, have ensured that this is and indeed will be the case for years to come.

“At Ecoview we recognise NHP as a truly unique partner. We have successfully delivered several projects around the country with the help of NHP and are currently employing their services on a number of other high profile projects. We see the demand for Energy Monitoring and Control services increasing in the future, and a big part of our decision when it comes to picking a supplier is experience, confidence and commercial competitiveness. In most cases NHP can offer a competitive price whilst still maintaining and delivering a high quality result”, he said.

As a result of such improvements to energy output, 385 Bourke Street joined the Melbourne City Council's ‘1200 Buildings’ program as further part of its sustainability and commitment to industry participation.

The goal of this pioneering program is to see 1200 existing commercial buildings retrofitted to improve energy performance by 38% and achieve greenhouse gas mitigation of 383,000 tonnes of CO2-e per annum. The result of Stage One works at 385 Bourke Street have already equated to an impressive saving in greenhouse pollution of 4,680 tonnes CO2-e p/a (the equivalent to over 1,000 vehicles being taken off the road annually), and this outcome demonstrates initiatives that can make existing buildings sustainable, a process that NHP are extremely proud to be actively involved in.

“This landmark project was a real success, not only for 385 Bourke Street itself, but for NHP. It definitely showcases our market leading products and service in this sustainable age of our industry and reinforces to the market ‘we’re here and this is what we can do’”, offered Richard Harrison, Business Manager – Automation and Safety, NHP.

“Our strong partnership with Rockwell Automation and Ecoview as integrators genuinely puts us at the forefront of Energy Management technology and being able to provide solutions for projects of all sizes is an ongoing commitment of ours”, Harrison continued.

For further information on Energy Monitoring and Control System’s from NHP and Ecoview, contact the NHP General Manager – Projects, Andrew Bau.

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