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1 May 2011

NHP and CUBIC are pleased toannounce the release of ‘Version 2’ ofthe MD (Multi-Drawer) system - CUBIC‘MD’, a fully withdrawable MotorControl Centre (MCC) system.

This latest version boasts a range of newfeatures and benefits including state-ofthe-art new locking abilities. To ensureoptimum safety on site, the mining andheavy industrial sectors have requestedMCCs be supplied with the ability to ‘lockout’ each drawer from the front of an MCC.

With the ‘MD’ Version 2 from CUBIC andNHP, locking facilities allow the drawers ofa CUBIC MCC to be ‘locked out’ from thefront of the MCC to ensure safety for theelectricians and operators on site.

In conjunction with NHP, CUBIC havedeveloped two options for locking systemsincluding a Front Mounted and a SideMounted Locking system, capable ofaccepting 8 mm padlocks or scissor typelocking devices.

These locking options combined withthe more cost effective assembly methodthat the MD Version 2 offers will ensurecustomers receive increased safety and acompetitive price point.

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