The Process

What is the process required?

The Original Manufacturer* designs and tests their switchboard system with their desired switchgear brand up, to their target specifications for the characteristics in Annex D - Table D.

Testing the "most onerous" arrangements is the most efficient test regime, as the standard allows verification by referencing a more onerous test arrangement but not from a less onerous test arrangement.

For a new project:

    Annotation 2020-08-27 105903
  1. The user* (e.g. end user or user's representative i.e. the consultant engineer) completes the Annex C details and includes with the project tender documents
  2. The assembly manufacturer* (e.g. the switchboard builder) designs the switchboard to the requirements given by the user using a combination of the designs that were tested by the original manufacturer. To prove design verification, the assembly manufacturer must be able to provide documentation as per Annex D - Table D1. See page 6
  3. Upon successful award of the tender the assembly manufacture assembles the switchboard as per the documentation from the original manufacturer. When complete, the assembly manufacturer performs routine verification before supplying the switchboard.
  • If a user incorrectly specifies details, then they may need to have corrections made via a - variation of works with the assembly manufacturer.
  • If an assembly manufacturer supplies a switchboard not to the required specification - or that does not have supporting verification documentation, then they are potentially responsible to amend or incur the cost for correction.
  • If a switchboard is specified correctly by the user and also designed and assembled as per the original manufacturer's documentation, then the original manufacturers documentation will come under investigation should a performance issue occur.

*terms defined within the standard. Note: the assembly manufacturer and original manufacturer may be the same or different companies


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