SMART Motor Control

SMART Devices - Powering a connected future, today.

The world continues to transform via digital connectivity, presenting enterprises with numerous associated challenges and opportunities at a rapid rate. NHP is dedicated to enabling your connected enterprise to succeed through the utilisation of our SMART products, systems, solutions and services. By connecting products at every level, the ability to gain operation visibility and contextualise information in real-time is achieved to improve asset reliability, increase productivity and eliminate potential device failure.

With smarter and faster decision making and seamless connectivity spurring new collaboration, NHP is enabling the Connected Enterprise.

Learn how each of our SMART offerings can help enable your connected enterprise to succeed.

Enabling the Connected Enterprise - SMART Devices

SMART Safety
SMART Motor Control
SMART Monitoring
SMART Distribution

Benefits of Enabling a Connected Enterprise

Improved asset utilisation

Improved risk management

Improved productivity

Consistent quality and wastage reduction

Increased customer satisfaction

Fewer product defects

NHP Service

NHP Service Team can assist our customers achieve their goals through services designed to minimise downtime, stabilise maintenance costs and help modernise their plant assets.

NHP offers a range of on-site field service solutions to suit a wide range of needs. Further backed by supply line partners, NHP can provide specialist support for Preventative Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning, Design & Audit and Emergency breakdown service, as well as a range of other support services.

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