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With 50 years of electrical and engineering industry excellence and 49 branches across Australia and New Zealand, at NHP it is our local footprint that helps us understand the specific project needs, no matter how big or small.

While we go to market with 75,000 line items we are more than simply a product supplier - we offer choice and value-add expertise. In partnership with our extensive network of global suppliers, we offer choice in product, choice in technology, choice in service, choice in support and ultimately choice in how you deal with us – in person or online, where and when you need us.

This enables NHP to customise integrated solutions that focus on making systems smarter, safer, more secure, reliable and efficient. From low and medium voltage power distribution solutions to process automation and smarter buildings, NHP is helping to create a world that’s better connected and sustainable.

NHP – your local choice in specialist electrical and automation products, systems and solutions.

Corporate Brochure

At NHP we take pride in what we offer the industrial electrical industry – more than that, we take great pride in how we do it.

Our recently released Corporate Brochure is our way of showing you. Check it out below…


Understanding what value means to different projects isn’t easy and that’s why being local makes all the difference. At NHP we take pride in the choice we offer our industry – but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself in our interactive Corporate Publication!

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Industries we serve...

NHP Solutions City is an interactive model of NHP’s products and services that maps out how they each contribute to the beating heart of everyday life.

Bringing to light all matter of domestic, commercial and industrial processes that make up a city and its various functions, NHP Solutions City looks to showcase our ability to customise a solution to suit the various industry requirements. 

Explore the NHP Solutions City for yourself and you might be surprised with what you find!

NHP Solutions City

Products & Services we supply...

Integral to the success of NHP is our vast global network of Supply Partners that enable us to bring the world’s best products and solutions to the local market. With over 50+ Supply Partner’s sourced from across the globe, NHP are able to deliver on our customer promise, providing what you want, when where and how you want it.

As well as this, NHP is responsible for designing and developing products and product systems to satisfy the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand markets.

See them for yourself below...

Value add customisation…

NHP prides itself on being able to provide customers with tailored solutions that suit their individual needs. Whilst we have significant stockholdings and expertise at our locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, the purpose of our National Manufacturing and Distribution Centre, located in Melbourne’s industrial precinct of Laverton, is to develop these solutions through manufacturing, assembly, servicing and design and engineering.

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