The healthcare industry demands flexible, scalable intelligent electrical solutions which provide 24/7 power availability for sensitive hospital equipment, ensuring patient safety and comfort.

NHP has the capability, people, experience and technology to deliver healthcare providers with innovative intelligent power distribution solutions, ensuring electrical network stability, energy efficiency, improved site safety and lower operating costs.

Intelligent Predictive Maintenance solutions maximise power availability and reduce critical failures

NHP’s 3C circuit breaker technology is a fully integrated temperature condition monitoring solution that provides real-time information on the health of your switchgear and switchboard. Critical devices like large circuit breakers can overheat and fail in service due to worn internal mechanisms or lack of air flow through the switchboard resulting in power outages.

NHP’s 3C temperature condition system actively senses and communicates the temperature of conductors, connections and contacts of critical switchgear and inaccessible busbar zones. Facility managers can use this advanced indication to better manage the maintenance of their switchboards and avoid catastrophic failures.

3C temperature condition monitoring is just one of NHP’s many intelligent power distribution solutions that ensures critical buildings maximise power availably, improve safety for people and reduce operating costs.

Powering your healthcare facility

Powering your healthcare facility

Keeping the heartbeat of your medical facility in excellent health.


Powering your healthcare facility

Technical News #77

This Technical News discusses the overheating of critical switchgear.


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