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NHP KDA-432 and KDM-432 Isolator for PV Installation Electrical Safety Recall

19 November 2014 by NHP

Notice of Potential Unsafe Conditions!

 The purpose of this Product Safety Advisory is to inform you of a non-conformance of KD switches that may result in the contacts overheating due to an internal fault in a small number of cases.  This could result in damage of the switch mechanism, internal arcing and potential damage to the enclosure and cables.

This behavior has occurred in a handful of cases where certain tolerances and installation factors come together. Of the over 39,000 switches sold the failure rate has been less than 0.2% often with just discoloration of the internal switch.

The identified condition poses a safety hazard that could potentially result in fire or electric shock.

 Flame retardant material is used in the construction of the switches, however in some installations where flammable material is in close proximity, ignition may occur.


Identification of switches

See below attachments for more information: All KDA-432 and KDM-432 switches are affected including product replaced under the previous recall commenced in February 2014.



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