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NHP Training University (NTU) for electricians and apprentices!

8 August 2013 by NHP

Ever thought about increasing your learning but wanted to avoid boring lectures and the cost of further education! Well, in exciting news for the electrical industry, the NTU program from NHP has now been opened up to all electricians and apprentices!

NHP have carefully designed the NTU training package for electricians and apprentices that offers a range of exciting training modules (reguarly updated) to keep you ahead of the game!  From a customer’s perspective this means they will have the opportunity to add to their knowledge and skill (be that technical or application based) to successfully perform the job they are required to do!

6000 registered NTU users can't be wrong! Vote now for NTU for Product of the Year!

Each module is taught through a user-friendly learning tutorial video and can be accessed anywhere, anytime via smartphone or online – and it’s FREE!

Current learning modules include:

1) NTU overview
2) Fundamentals of Electricity
3) Fundamentals of Electrical Equipment
4) Variable Speed Drives
5) Hazardous Area Equipment (HAE)

Register for the NTU training program for electricians and apprentices today and fast-track your path to success!

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