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16 November 2016

At NHP we are experts in Energy Management and Power Quality, offering a comprehensive range of products and solutions that not only comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards but are also specifically tailored for our local markets. Through our extensive branch locations across Australia and New Zealand, NHP provides local knowledge and expertise promising extensive application and product support to maximise your project success. Our Energy Management and Power Quality solution offering has you covered for any commercial or industrial application.

Intuitive Energy Metering

Energy Metering is the essential component to understanding your energy consumption and power quality. Providing a clear solution to meet these requirements, NHP offer a comprehensive range of energy meters including multi-function meters and power quality meters for advanced system analysis. Complimentary accessories are also available with a wide range of solid core current transformers as well as split core current transformers, which are ideal for retro-fitting applications.

Notable new product series within NHP’s range of Energy Meters include the EM100 range of single-phase energy meters featuring communication capabilities and a touch screen interface as standard.

In response to the costly rise in meter installation time and a decline in valuable panelboard/loadcenter real estate, NHP are also proud to offer the EM270 dual energy meters which combines two energy meters within one unit saving space and reducing installation time thanks to the quick connect CT’s. This series is ideal for monitoring light and power circuits. The Smart Energy Meters from NHP provide a secure and reliable solution.

Smart energy management controller

When it comes to the ideal web-server based solution for monitoring small to medium size installations, NHP offers an Energy Management Controller that is sure to fit your needs. The VMU-C controller gathers data from measuring devices such as energy meters and power analysers providing an easy to use energy monitoring system.

Featuring in-built dashboards, cost analysis and real-time measurements, the VMU-C assists organisations optimise their energy and resource consumption and achieve impressive industry efficiency ratings such as NABERS and Green Star.

A single centralised energy management database is possible, for applications involving monitoring many different zones and different site locations. As a communication master unit it can monitor up to 32 energy meters and display data in a standard internet browser, so the information can be accessed from virtually any location. No external software or dedicated PC onsite is required.

Achieve your power factor correction

With increasing energy costs and further emphasis placed around kVA and kVAr tariffs, the importance of maintaining good power factor on site is an absolute must in order to reduce energy bills.  

PFC is a means of providing compensation to increase power efficiency and by choosing NHP’s range of PFC products, benefits will include:

  • Increased utilisation of energy resources
  • Decreased substation and sub-mains load
  • Lower system losses
  • Less ‘Apparent Power’ draw (kVA)
  • Electricity bill savings
  • Freeing up of transformer capacity
  • Enhanced voltage regulation

Engineering PFC solutions for over 15 years, NHP are fully equipped to help size, commission and maintain your chosen PFC system. Manufactured locally at our National Manufacturing and Distribution Center, NHP provide power factor correction systems with the flexibility to suit your application requirements.

Implement an energy plan that works for you

At NHP we can help implement solutions to maximise production value, optimise performance and minimise downtime. NHP’s expertise is strengthened by our vast global network of Supply Partners that enable us to bring the world’s best products and solutions to the local market designed to optimise your Energy Management needs.

If you’re looking for a partner in Energy Management and Power Quality, look no further than NHP. For all enquiries please contact your local Sales Representative on 1300 NHP NHP.

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